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Welcome to VB2Java.COM

Now in stock, David Jung latest
VB and Outlook books:
Debugging Visual Basic: Troubleshooting for Programmers
Microsoft Outlook 2000 Programming Bible
are available from Amazon.Com
through our bookstore!
Also, if you purchased any of his
books, any missing files or corrections
can also be found in our bookstore.

DLL Checker
Having DLL, OCX, and VBX versioning problems?
DLL Checker scans your hard drive from shared
resource files to aid in detecting version conflicts.

Click here to learn more

VBS Defender
In the wake of the latest Scripting-based virus, our Technical
Advisor, Rod Ream, on assignment with PC World provides a
step-by-step in "How to Trick the Anna Worm." It's
a short, meaty article and worth a look.
Click here to read the article

Based on his article, we've written a program
based on his instructions.
It’s VBS Defender, a small, free utility that automatically
does everything Rod explains in his article. The tool changes both
the VBS File and JS File defaults from Open to Edit, and adds the
"AlwaysShowExt" Registry key entry so you can see the file extensions
in Windows Explorer.

Click here to learn how to obtain it.

CleanIE v1.0

Have you ever used a computer that's also available to someone else?
You know, like at the library, while visiting your brother-in-law's house,
or, in my case, in the press room at Comdex? Like it or not,
you're leaving remnants of yourself--where you went,
who you contacted, and which passwords you used.
VB2Java.Com's latest utility digs deep and removes this vital info.

click here for more details

Extension Manager

To protect against viruses masquerading as a harmless file type, you
need to be able to see your file-name extensions (.exe, .gif, and so
on). This free utility will allow you to hide and unhide extensions,
including those extensions that are usually only
viewable by tweaking the Registry.

Now Available - click here for more details

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Quick Notes
DLL Checker v1.1
The DLL Conflict Checker is now available.
VBS Defender v1.0
Help protect you against Script-based viruses.
CleanIE v1.0
Remove Cookies and History from IE.
Extension Manager
Hide and unhide file extensions without going through the Registry
No Spyware